Are you a busy parent or superwoman trying to have it all? Do your energies go into everything and everyone except yourself? Are you facing challenges in your family? Is your wellbeing, self-esteem, or personal power a little lacking? Do you crave connection and the ability to be heard? Do you want to be inspired and inspire others?

My mission is to create resources and events to nurture YOU and those you love. I am a mother, author, speaker, facilitator, business woman and survivor (many times over!). This website brings together my passions and gifts gained through an extraordinary journey.

My ‘Goddess’ work creates special experiences and spaces for women of all ages and backgrounds to gather and engage in soul-building, self-building activities with their Goddess sisters – and most importantly, much needed opportunities for women to relax and put themselves first! I have a range of inspiring goodies that help women to extend their Goddess experience into their daily life, and they make great gifts too! My books and resources for families are inspired by my own broad-ranging experiences and learnings of parenting, family life, and life in general (the very, very tough bits too!).

Through every struggle we can find a brilliant depth of new knowledge and skills which perhaps we never foresaw as part of our existence. I’ve had raft of life-changing jolts on my journey to what is now a truly spectacular life. I want to inspire you and be inspired BY YOU!

Please enjoy your journey of nurture and your journey through this site. I hope to connect with you soon! With love,